Pk Domain Registration

.pk domain is ccTld (country code top level domain) for Pakistan. All the .pk domains are managed and maintained by PKNIC SRS (Shared Registry System). All pk domains offered by PKNIC are open to everyone and can be registered by anyone, anywhere in the world, however there are exceptions for education (.edu.ok domains can be registered only be registered educational institutes after fulfillment of required criteria) and government (,,, and can be registered by respective government bodies only after fulfillment of required criteria).

PKNIC has given official reseller status to very few companies who can register / renew domains or sell pknic prepaid cards for .pk domain registration. Software House Pakistan is one of the top ten pk domain registrar who offers lowest prices for all top level, second level and third pk domains which includes .pk,,,,,,,,,,, and

How to change pk domain contact information?

Changing of contact information can be done two ways, if your domain is registered via us you need to email us with your contact details and we will update it against your domain name, however if you have registered your domain yourself, you can login to your PKNIC account and change contact information pk your domain pk name.

How to check pk domain name availability?

Checking domain name availability is very easy. One can go to domain registration tab and search for and top level, second level or third level pk domain name and subsequently register it if its available for registration.

Who can register pk domains?

There are two types of pk domains, one is general public domains that can be registered by any one i.e. Pakistani or non Pakistani, second is non general what are reserved for educational institutes and government organizations and bodies and they can only register them.

How change pk domain name?

Once a domain name is register, it cannot be changed or reversed, a registered domain name remains unavailable for minimum 2 years time and after that it becomes available for registration if not renewed again. You cannot get any refund once a pk domain is registered or renewed.

Why buy .pk domain name?

.pk is ccTld (country code top level domain) for Pakistan and mostly used domain in the country at the moment. If you are doing business in Pakistan or have good idea to implement in Pakistan, you should buy .pk domain name, because it gives you a Pakistani identity and make users feels local.

Domain Policies

All pk domains are registered under pk domain registry policies as well as Government of Pakistan and FIA rules.

Domain Registration Prices

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